Sponsorship Rules and Regulations

What is not allowed 


• No prices, endorsements or demonstrations may be shown. 

• Any descriptions of products or services not approved by MCM. 

• No advertisement, specials, promotions or calls to actions may be listed.


What may be allowed  


• The name of the sponsor may be listed. 

• The phone number, website, e-mail and address of the sponsor may be listed 

• Photos may show the place of business or any other pre-approved image. 

• Approved logos may be shown alone or in tandem with photos. 

• Any type of approved graphic artwork or computer generated art. 

• A brief, MCM approved description of the sponsor’s product or service. 


Additional Regulations 


• The MCM will maintain control and disbursement of all funds received. 

• All screen times and prices are subject to change. 

• New spots require at least one week noticed to be listed. 

• All changes must be received in writing and one week in advance. 

• MCM is not responsible for loss of signal due to power outages or conditions 

   resulting from Comcast. 

• Payments are non-refundable 

• Payments are to be paid in advance. 

• MCM reserves the right to refuse any sponsorship deemed inappropriate. 

• Programming / Informational data takes precedence over sponsorship